[NPC, deceased] Human Caravan Master / Rogue


Melvos is one of the mid-level caravan masters for Treskedan Trading Coster. Melvos’ personality is one of quiet planning and direction. He tends to be orderly and patient with people, though he is generally a nervous person.

Melvos is early 40s, very tanned and weathered from years in the saddle and hard drinking nights. He has graying peaks in brown hair, is thin and usually stubbly. He wears a plain, beaten, greasy brown vest over a thin chain shirt. He tends to favor dark brown baggy pants, stiff brown boots and a loosely belted short sword or black-handled dagger.

Marpenoth 15, 1355DR:
Melvos died in a raid by orcs and a myterious fireball caster on the Half-Axe Trail, in the Elven Woods, while traveling back with the PCs to Harrowdale. His body was wrapped and taken to the Temple of the Harvest Moon in Velarsburg.


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